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Zhengzhou Anrui Refractories Technology Co., Ltd.


       Anrui refractory was founded in 1988, the company focuses on the production, research and development and sales of refractory materials. After 30 years of effort to build a good brand concept, continuous improvement of production technology and equipment capabilities, and continuous enhancement of comprehensive strength, it has become a modern refractory enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and kiln technology supporting services.

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The golden autumn drizzle moisturizes things silently, sincere feedback warms people's hearts

The annual Golden Autumn Scholarship is here. Another group of outstanding students will rush to higher education institutions across the country with the enlightenment of their parents and teachers. While sending sincere blessings to them, Zhou Shaopeng

Warm congratulations to MCC Jingcheng General Contracting Bensteel No. 5 blast furnace energy conservation and environme

At 9:28 on November 30, the energy saving and environmental protection renovation project of No. 5 blast furnace at The plate ironmaking plant of Bensteel under the general contract of MCC was successfully ignited, and no. 5 blast furnace was successfully

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